Welcome to the Caribou Club Foundation's 2023 Super Bowl Pool. 
Squares are $10 ea.  with 20% of the winnings going to the Club. 
To assure everyone gets a chance, we're limiting 3 squares per buyer. 
Click here donations.php to purchase your squares.

Pool payout is:

1st Qtr $100, Reverse $50                          

Half $150, Reverse $50

3rd Qtr $100, Reverse $50

Final $ 400, Reverse $100

3 SQ maximum buy

                  The Caribou Club Foundation takes 20% of all winnings. Thank you for your donation. 

Pool Winners

1st Quarter Jack Myer $100 and Reverse $50
2nd Quarter Penny Meyer $150 and Reverse $50
3rd Quarter Marhsall T. $100 and Reverse Pam H. $50
Final Kane H $400 and Reverse Tom C $100