Here are the results of the Caribou Club Foundation Superbowl Pool. Actual Pool shown below.
We are working on a Masters Golf Pool that will come out some time in March. Thank you for your continued donations.
1st Quarter, Rams 7, Bengals 3 
Winner: Dennis Watson, $150; Reverse: Terry Coultas, $25

2nd Quarter, Rams 13, Bengals 10
Winner: Dennis, $200; Reverse: Lorren Shin, $25

3rd Quarter, Bengals 20, Rams 16
Winner: Paul Atkinson, $150; Reverse: Ron Renaud, $25

Game, Rams 23, Bengals 20
Winner: Dennis, $500; Reverse: Lorren $25

The Caribou Club Foundation took 20% of these winnings, amounting to $200.

(In lieu of the muffed Ram extra point at the start of the 2nd quarter, condolences go out to Susan S., Shannon Coultas Carifo, and notably, NorCal 49er fans Al Frugaletti and Stan Thompson, who got took by the Rams again!)

As a result of this pool, we were able to send a check for $500 to "OneGeneration," a non profit  based in Van Nuys, that helps seniors with grocery delivery and hot meals. Thank you to the following people for additional donations allowing us to make this donation: Dennis Watson, Pat Leahy, Abby Flynn, Karen Brewster, Ken Magee, Kyle Ebert, Dan O'Dell, John McLaughlin, and Terry Coultas.